Mum and daughter with ‘unbreakable bond’ die weeks apart in double tragedy

Mum and daughter with ‘unbreakable bond’ die weeks apart in double tragedy

The heartbroken family 38-year-old mum and grandmother have spoken of their double loss as they pay tribute to “beautiful ladies with an unbreakable bond”.

Mum-of-six, Marianne George died on July 13 at her home in Bethesda, Gwynedd after battling with her mental health.

Her grief-stricken mum, Debbie, 57 was found dead on Tuesday less than seven weeks after burying her eldest child, reports North Wales Live.

The circumstances around Debbie’s death are similar to that of her daughter’s.

Their family have expressed devastating heartbreak as they begin to plan another funeral.

Marlene Moloney, Marianne’s sister and Debbie’s daughter, has said that she “cannot fathom the grief” that she is experiencing after losing two close family members, and said the pain for her family is “unreal”.

She said: “My poor mum is with my sister now in the heavenly realm, both at peace together.

“My heart aches, my head hurts, my body is numb and we are all suffering so much.”

Marianne, who was also known by her nicknames Minxy and Maz, moved to North Wales earlier this year from Wirral with her partner, Chris and their younger children.

She was a “talented” photographer who was “extremely proud” of her children and grandchildren, and enjoyed exploring urban areas.

Marlene said: “When I was younger, I would dream of being just like my sister, she was my world, my everything.

“She taught me all she knew about life, helping create the person I am today.

“She loved me as I loved her, we would make ideas and plans for the future, how we would travel the world and explore life.

“Whenever I was sad, I would reach out to her, her angelic sister side always there soothing me, explaining how to approach the things that hurt me.”

“My sister had a mischievous side, playing pranks on me which were hilarious.

“She was the joker of the family, bubbly, and full of charisma. Everyone loved her.

“She loved music and dancing, she would dance around the room singing loud at me, her favourite childhood song was: ‘I’m a Dreamer.’

“I can still hear her voice fresh and clear singing the song at me. And now those lyrics sit deep in my heart with such sadness and meaning because my big sister has closed her eyes and she is dreaming right where she belongs.”

Marlene added: “Life threw lots of sad days at my sister, she experienced loss and grief from such a young age and lost her first baby daughter, Sarah Jane.

“This changed her forever. She was such a strong person even though she was hurting inside, she would still face all the challenges with a big courageous smile on her face.

“As we became adults we both had a family each, she had five beautiful daughters and one son and two granddaughters.

“She was a wonderful birthing partner to three of my five children, because of that our children became very close, spending almost every day together.

“We even lived next door to one another at one point.

“They were happy times. We were never far from one another.”

As time went on, Marianne would talk about her dreams of moving to North Wales with her partner, Chris and the younger children.

“She utterly loved being there, spending time among nature in the mountains and the quarries were her favourite,” said Marlene.

“I was so excited when she moved into her dream home.

“I never realised that our embrace in my house would be the last time I’d see her and hug her.

“We would message every couple of weeks, she was happy and content. I find peace that she achieved her dream and that she was finally happy.

“Her spirit will flow through us all now, through all the things she loved and liked. Life will never be the same again without her, but when times are calm I know she will always be by my side.”

At her funeral, Marianne was described as “simply the best of mums” to her children Kayleigh, Aimee, Sophie, Blake, Imogen and Scarlett who “had so much love to give and surrounded her children with her love and care.”

She was “warm hearted, intuitive and loved to help others.”

She was had a creative spirit and loved sewing and crocheting, cooking and baking, gardening and growing things to eat.

Her love for Wales was “immense” and she loved the green spaces, going for walks in the hills and exploring industrial architecture.

After Marianne’s passing, a fundraising page was set up raising more than £3,500 towards funeral costs with donations also given to the mental health charity, Mind.

Another page has been set up to help the family pay for Debbie’s funeral after she was pronounced dead at her home on September 6.

Speaking about her mum, Marlene said: “My mum was a caring beautiful lady. She had a bond so strong with her daughter Marianne, it was unbreakable.

“She loved me equally but she was absolutely heartbroken over the loss of my sister.

“Her love for the grandchildren was one of a kind and she always thought about her family and would always try to be there as best as she could for them.

“She loved the simple things in life and carried so much love in her heart for nature.

“My mum struggled with illnesses and her mental health, but she tried her hardest every day and it was admirable to see her with the strength she had.

“Our lives will never be the same again without her cheeky jokes and bubbly personality.

“She was one of a kind. I am proud to be part of her and I will carry her in my heart forever.

“Her soul will now be at peace with my sister happily shining down on us in the moon, the sun and the stars and the elements of the earth. I love you forever and always.”